Our Focus & Attributes

We Listen & Partner With Clients

We bring a fresh, independent perspective as well as hands-on manpower to all marketing & planning projects.  

Key consulting attributes we provide to all clients:

1. Use proven process – For all projects we provide an effective process to analyze and understand the organization, its competitive position, and a method for developing solutions.

2. Probe with challenging questions – Asking questions is a sign of maturity.  To maintain the project integrity and prevent it from becoming a token effort, we ask tough questions to uncover opportunities in a mature, professional, objective, and rational manner. There is no room for sacred cows or taboo topics. Anything and everything should be open for discussion.

3. Conduct an Honest Assessment / Challenge Status-Quo – The company’s performance cannot be improved if the status-quo is never challenged and management is not willing to discuss, let alone implement, change. We call it as we see it. We bring together stakeholders to openly discuss organizational, individual or group weaknesses.

4. Keep What Works; Identify What Doesn’t Work – We focus on today’s processes and make recommendations on threats to preserve and grow the business.

5. Link Strategy with Execution – We are Involved. We are responsible to develop a sound understanding of the client’s business as well as the company’s organization. We value teams, work right alongside with management, carry out market research & analysis, formulate strategic options and assist with goals /financial projections.

Our Consulting Focus Areas:
  1. Planning – Establishing dynamic direction is a MUST !
    1. Strategic Operating Plan (Baldrige Aligned)
    2. Strategic Marketing Plan (Blueprint / Tactics)
    3. CHNA Implementation Plan
  2. Research – Analyzing data is a Must !
    1. Market Demand Assessment
    2. Market Brand Assessment
    3. Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
    4. Physician Manpower Assessment
    5. Board Development / Self Assessment
    6. Market Watch / Competition Research
    7. Staff Engagement Research
    8. Patient / Provider Satisfaction Research
    9. Provider Operation Audit – Employed
    10. Marketing Performance Audit
    11. Facility Space Assessment
  3. Development – Initiating processes & tools is a MUST !
    1. Facility Marketing Support – Traditional & Digital
    2. Database Marketing – CRM
    3. Product-line Marketing (New Services Launch)
    4. Practice Management Standards
    5. Balance Scorecard Creation – Dashboard
    6. Referral Tracking Application
    7. Policy Advocacy Support

VVV Consultants LLC

Founded in 2009 by Vince Vandehaar, VVV Consultants LLC, is a strategic planning and healthcare marketing consulting service based in Olathe, KS.

What Piece are You Missing?

Vince Vandehaar, MBA
Principal Consultant
VVV@VandehaarMarketing.com (913) 302 – 7264

Primary Office:
601 N. Mahaffie St.
Olathe, KS 66061

Satellite Office:
8700 Monrovia, 2nd Floor Lenexa, KS 66215