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FT Collaborative Analyst Posting

 VVV Consultants LLC (Olathe KS) is seeking a full-time Collaborative Analyst.  VVV Consultants provide professional healthcare business consulting services:  Strategic Planning, Marketing plans, Community Health Needs Assessments / Implementation plans, both qualitative and quantitative research studies i.e. Market Demand Assessments, Brand Recall Tracking, Physician Manpower Assessments, Competition Profiling, Employee Satisfaction Research and Patient Focus Groups / Customer Satisfaction Research etc.  Vince Vandehaar MBA, Principal began VVV Consultants LLC operations on 1/1/2009.

Duties include:  1) Project / firm operations management, 2) Project consulting report fulfillment and 3) Marketing VVV consulting services.  Note: Some travel will occur occasionally to meet client demands usually a 1-2 day trip within 4 core states (KS, MO, IA and NE).

Requirements:  “Superior” PC skills (Excel, Word, PDF, SurveyMonkey, WordPress, etc.), excellent business report writing skills and a desire to work independently for a boutique HC consulting firm.  Education:  A college degree is preferred or a current business undergrad student.  Experience:  Preferred (but not required) some HC employment business experience.

Compensation will be competitive to match experience & skill.  Weekly, VVV collaborative consultant will work a minimum of 40 hours and will be paid a set weekly $$ amount.  In turn Analyst will LOG work & be paid on an hourly based on documented work type:  1. Consulting = $30; 2. Analyst = $25; 3. Clerical = $20 and/or 4.Travel time = $15.  <Note: work assignments may fluctuate week to week depending on client demands

INTEREST:  Email resume to or call 913 302-7264 for additional information. <Any unaccounted payment hours will flow to following week and be tallied in Analyst’s BANK.>

 Vince Vandehaar, MBA
VVV Consultants LLC

Principal / Adjunct Professor 

601 N Mahaffie, Olathe, KS 66061
(913) 302-7264 (C)
LinkedIn: vandehaar