Strategic Planning & Marketing Consulting Services

With more than 35 years of experience in helping health care providers, insurance payors and financial service firms create meaningful customer-focused solutions. VVV Marketing & Development, LLC will be your consulting partner.

 Now is the time for serious Marketing! 

“More Marketing” – 10 questions to answer       

1) Who are we going to sell our product / services to? (“Best” Customer or Market) 

2) What are we really selling? (Primary Product / Service) 

3) What is the optimum price to charge? (Price vs. Value) 

4) How will we sell our products / services? (Distribution / Referral Channels) 

5) How will customers learn of and be convinced to purchase? (Promotions: Communications / Advertising / Public Relations / Social Media) 

6) What will we do to ensure we meet customer expectations? (Service Promise) 

7) Who are our competitors? Why will customers choose us over other options? (Competitive Edge – What we do better than our peers) 

8) How will we measure marketing / customer results? (Scorecard) 

9) Do we have enough RESOURCES – both $$$ and staffing (skill / time) to generate volume and/or build brand? (Internal Resources) 

10) Do we have enough ENERGY to be successful? (Staff Commitment)

Plan the Work, Work the Plan!

(NOTE: Project information, benefits, costs, timetables and sample reports are available upon request. Call 913- 302-7264)